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Generate more video inventory

TheOutplay is a content and audience exchange platform that generates incremental video
impressions. Videos are distributed on a network of premium websites and mobile apps
through smart widgets offering users an unique experience 

The Solution

With TheOutplay solutions, Content Owners and Publishers increase their video inventory
and revenues, while Advertisers benefit from high impact video campaigns

As a content owners you are in complete control over where your content is distributed and monetized.
As a publisher you access an impressive library of premium video content as well as native video widgets, engaging your audience and converting page views in to video views.
Advertisers can buy quality
video impressions associated
with premium content on the
best websites.

Our Content

We aggregate thousands of video clips from premium content partners.
Everyday we generate millions of views across our publishing network.

Our Library

distribute your videos

How content is distributed

Each video is contextually relevant to the page,
and with the same look and feel of the publishers' page.

Our Widgets

Outperforming KPIs

Best Viewability

Best Viewability

thanks to smart widgets.

Each video is contextually
relevant to the page

Each video is contextually
relevant to the page

and with the same look and feel of the publishers’s page.

Size does matters!

Size does matters!
In-stream Preroll on the
largest and most impactfull players.

Free premium video

Free premium video
to associate with
your brand pre-roll


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