Compare publisher performance

Compare the performances of the websites on which your ads run and optimise campaigns in real time.

Always be relevant to the content of the page

A semantic engine makes sure that your ad is always displayed with contextual relevancy across each of the Publishers’ pages, delivering both higher brand uplift and a greater user experience.

Your perfect storytelling video

Our network of video makers can produce ad hoc content that suits your brand. We then take care of distributing your content across our Publisher network.

The power of native ads

Native advertising is the most efficient way to deliver customised and targeted campaigns. Scale-up your campaign by choosing native placement for your branded content, using our smart widgets.

Always Visible and Viewable

Our widgets stream content only when the player is in view ensuring a seamless user experience. Our features guarantee the highest Viewability and View Rate.

Impactful and HD

Only large size players and impactful widgets. No more small squared video boxes that no one watches.

Advanced targeting

Always reach the right people through contextually relevant content targeting, as well as with socio-demographic options, white-listing and geo targeting.

Real time Analytics

Detailed tracking of your campaign KPI(s), allowing the optimisation of media buying in real time.