Our video talent at your service

Our network of video creative talents produce ad hoc content that will suit your editorial needs.

Be fast

Easy-to-use and intuitive content exchange platform to access immediately to thousands of video content.
Create your own selection, decide how to display your video and publish video easily

Smart widgets with semantic engine

A semantic engine makes sure that the most relevant video content is always displayed across all of the publishers’ pages.

Cross-device technology for great user experience

We designed our widgets to ensure that our customers' video solution will play on any device, anywhere in the world... all the time.

Content with budget

Choose to publish videos that Advertisers have already allocated budget to. Create an article related to your chosen videos and drive traffic to gain more revenue.

Native Advertising for Branded Content

Use our widgets for Branded Content and scale-up your campaign by fully-engaging your audience.

All KPIs you desire to see

Effective online reporting dashboard where to monitor performance, including revenues, activation rate and fill rate.